MakerDAO will consider the increase in the issue limit DAI to $120 million

Platform decentralized financing MakerDAO closer to limit the amount of debt in stalking DAI $100 million and more can not generate new coins.

MakerDAO provides users with the ability to borrow funds in DAI secured in Ethereum (ETH). Currently, the collateral is more than 1.8 million ETH (about $333 million). Only DeFi-apps locked to ETH $640 million, of which over 52% are MakerDAO.

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Group on risk assessment Maker Foundation has offered the community MakerDAO to vote for increasing the limit of emission stablon to $120 million Also to examine the question of reducing the fee of the stability of the DAI from 5.5% to 5%.

The Board stability is calculated for the use of DAI and paid for by tokens MKR.

On November 18 scheduled to launch multilogue version stablon. The Multi-Collateral Dai (MCD) will generate DAI not only secured in Ethereum, but other cryptocurrencies accepted by the community.

Recall that in the planned update MCD in the testing phase, was discovered a critical vulnerability, which threatened a loss of 10% of the total Deposit in the system.

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