Blockchain revolution in the market of gaming — Nano integrates cryptopedia video games


The relationship between video game market, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will soon become inseparable. Triptoreline are created for the industry of e-sports, markets VR and XR, as well as various gaming applications. Needless to say, even if acne Buterin is an avid gamer. Once the developers of «World of Warcraft» has made changes in play, removing one of the components, which greatly weakened the character Baterina. In the end he realized all the harm of centralized platforms, and then came up with the air. So, his passion for video games have largely influenced the development of the crypto industry. In October 2019, the Union of gaming and cryptocurrency industry continued to seek ways for mutual development: Nano has developed a software that allows you to integrate cryptopedia any games created for the popular game engine Unreal Engine 4. What does this mean for crypto-industry — read the review DeCenter.

The significance of the gaming market

Let’s start with the fact that many people still underestimate the gaming market, counting games by uskoritelyam useless distraction or worse, an accomplice to child abuse, although it is not. In 2019, the gaming market is so strong, that gives a head start leading Hollywood blockbusters. Judge for yourself:

According to the June study by the research firm NewZoo, 2.5 billion people worldwide play video games. The average age of the American gamer is 34 years old.

In aggregate in 2018, the people spent in game $138 billion (in movie — only $42 billion). The current trend shows that in 2019, spending will increase to $152.1 billion, and in 2022 will be at least $196 billion In average revenues from video games are growing at 9% annually.

People spend on video games billions of dollars. Every year more and more. Source.

Best gaming market developed in the United States and China — 48% of all revenues in this sector from these countries. According to forecasts, NewZoo, this year the inhabitants of these countries spend on the game for $36.8 billion and $36.5 billion, respectively. In Europe spend less, but still very much: the Germans — $6 billion, Britain $5.5 billion, the French — $4 billion, the Italians — $2.6 billion, based on projections for 2019. At the end of last year, Russia took 11th place in this rating — 65.2 million players spent on games $1.7 billion.

Top 10 countries spending on games. Source.

In the creation and promotion of game developers are investing huge amount of money, including attracting famous actors. Often the images of game characters are realized with the help of technology motion capture (Motion Capture): Hollywood stars put on special sensors and literally play the role in the game scenes. In General, the creation and advertising of the AAA games cost tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars. So, on the development and marketing of «the Witcher 3» took $67 million, the «GTA V» — $270 million, «Destiny» — $570 million Budget high-end projects is often more than movie blockbusters. The cost of shooting on «Avatar» totaled $237 million and the most expensive film in the history of the «Avengers Finale» at a cost of $385 million

Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen perform their roles in the game «Death Stranding». Source.

Best games to buy, millions of people around the world. «PlayerUnknown»s Battlegrounds» has sold 50 million copies, «Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3» — 30 million, «the Witcher 3» — 20 million, the «GTA V» 110 million «Minecraft» — 176 million (record for today).

But even more impressive looks the profitability of the gaming sector. The current record holder — «GTA V». This game brought its creators more than $6 billion in profits. It’s more than two of the highest-grossing film in history put together — «Avatar» and «Avengers Finale» brought in $2.8 billion each. Profit shareware online games Fortnite (it’s free to play but some in-game items cost money) only for the year 2018 was approximately $3 billion.

At a lower budget game «GTA V» 2 times more profitable than the movie «Avatar» by James Cameron. In 2018 the sales of «GTA V» has reached $6 billion a Source.

In addition, strides is developing eSports and streamers collect hundreds of millions of viewers on Twitch and Mixer. Gamers around the world set amazing records, for example, exploring a particular game card, spending 10 years of his life. Most AAA-titles are intended for an adult audience, they aimed at realism and allow people to make decisions that carry consequences and impact on the story. The gaming industry is the most growing entertainment market today that is getting more popular movie.

Games are about 3 times more profitable films. Source.

The role of the Unreal Engine 4 in the gaming industry

A great contribution to the successful development of the industry has made the Unreal Engine. This high-quality and comprehensive set of tools that allows developers to create video games of various genres on a variety of platforms: PC, console, VR, and even mobile phones. It is absolutely free, but there is a condition — if when creating a game use this engine, then the authors need to list 10% of game sales.

This democratic approach, so the Unreal Engine is used in the creation of thousands of games, including big-budget projects AAA-class, diverging millions of copies. On this engine, operate the Gears 5, Tekken 7, Mass Effect 3, Mortal Kombat X and other top games. It helps to create leading titles.

For the latest version of Unreal Engine 4 developers cryptocurrency Nano has created a plugin to integrate cryptopedia straight games. This means that the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies more tightly will include top entertainment with audience in a third of the population of the Earth.

Interface Unreal Engine. Source.

The principle of operation and scope of use of the plug-in Nano

The plugin is still in beta, but is already posted on GitHub and available to developers. They can test all your applications on the Unreal Engine 4 — how developed and released. This code allows to add the crypto and make in-game transactions. But why is it necessary?

The main purpose of the plug-in Nano — to give the opportunity to pay for various in-game items. Many modern games already are not based on a simple model of «buy and play» like it used to. Surprisingly, many generating millions of titles generally available for free, and their business model is built around internal purchases — the so-called microtransactions. That is, the game itself does not need to pay, but there are micro-transactions that allow gamers to buy various in-game items — usually they cost a few dollars, but can reach prices in the thousands. Example: you can buy a new outfit for Lara Croft in Tomb Raider or Golden tanks in World of Tanks. Microtransactions are used in both paid and shareware products, but in the second case, policy is more aggressive microtransactions.

One of the varieties of micropayments — luchbox. Roughly speaking, it is the purchase of virtual box from which randomly drops some kind of prize. For gamers it’s a chance to get something rare and valuable. The loss of the long-awaited prize sometimes causes euphoria and a million incorruptible emotions. So strong that, for example, when the football game FIFA streamer got in my team Cristiano Ronaldo, then, filled with joy, he threw a chair and smashed the TV. Mechanics of luchboxes more reminiscent of gambling, which many authorities take measures to ban, for example, in the UK and Germany.

However, based on the microtransactions business model is so successful that it can to disguise, to alter, to improve, but not to remove. Gamers are happy to spend their money, and publishers are happy to give them that opportunity. Sometimes it comes to absurdity, when for purchases one person spends $62 000 and $150 000 or $2 million Worse than this only when one purchases the child makes with credit cards parents.

One of the reactions to the happy luchbox. Source.

How Nano will improve policy microtransactions

Even if the ban luchbox, buy in-game items still remain. That is microtransactions — the main use of cryptopedia plugin Nano.

 Gamers do not need to disclose personal data. To convert microtransactions stores (Google Play, Playstation Store, Steam and so on) require that personal information: name, address, card number and CVV-code. However, if you want to preserve privacy, and shareware the game runs on Unreal Engine 4, you can use the crypto while remaining anonymous. Later, if there is a possibility of purchase with cryptocurrency video games themselves, the same thing can be done and paid products.

 A better deal for gamers and developers. Commission shops is a big headache. For example, Steam is the most popular digital store on the PC will charge developers a 30% Commission on all sales. Those, in turn, to stay in the black, increase the price of in-game content. Thanks to the introduction of cryptocurrency, people will be able to make purchases directly, and sellers will set lower prices for customers. Gamers, by the way, don’t have to pay Commission to the Bank or to pay a double conversion. Transactions are instant and free Nano.

 Can be used in any countries. Game stores is not officially launched in all States. For example, Ukrainian users of the Xbox and Nintendo for in-game purchases have in the profile to specify a different region (e.g., Russia or Argentina), and then Google and to link your account in fake names and addresses. Thanks to cryptocurrency payments will be made by people around the world, including in underdeveloped and developing countries, while they do not need to resort to various machinations and fear that they are being banned for it.

 One account for all games. Gamers have separately to replenish your inner balance for each game using your Bank card, simultaneously disclosing the CVV. But in the case of crypto you can buy coins and use them immediately for all applications and on different platforms.

 No need to fear of unnecessary spending. To release a game payments separate Bank card is not very convenient, but to create a crypto — only a couple of minutes. So you’re sure not to spend too much, do not inadvertently use the loan funds and are protected from the reckless actions of their child.

 Separate wallets for kids, communities or specific games. You can use the same crypto on several accounts, for example, on the whole community. Or, conversely, to create a separate account for the child. Either use separate wallets for specific games. For example, for purchases in Tekken one crypto accounts, Final Fantasy is another.

Costumes for Shadow of Lara Croft of the Tomb Raider, sold for a fee. Source.

Other possibilities

Theoretically, the use of cryptopedia very versatile and solely by microtransactions is not limited. There are at least three potential benefits that could significantly change the gaming market.

 The opportunity to play and get paid for it. Thanks to the Nano plug-in developers can not only get, but also to carry out transactions in favor of the players. Saving on the commissions of the shops, they will be able to reward users with digital money for achievements, Highscores, fair play, stream, or simply «killing monsters». You can also introduce a reward of cryptocurrency for viewing internal advertisements or to add it as one of the prizes in luchboxer. The important thing is that it is not useless points or trophies, and the crypt, which is easy to exchange to Fiat. Thus realized the dream of almost all the 2.5 billion gamers on the planet — play and get paid for it. It will inevitably lead to the growth of the audience, so developers can better allocate 30% of profits to reward players than the Commission in Steam.

 Trade between users. Gamers will be able to trade with each other, selling altered or used items that are no longer needed.

 Payment games parts. Using cryptocurrency easy to solve when you want to try something new, but it is not possible to spend from $60 (starting price for the standard edition of the AAA titles). Plus, what if the product is actually not to like? You can implement the payment parts: how many passed — over so many paid are not paid.

Revolutionary perspectives

Cryptocurrency Nano at 48 in the ranking CoinMarketCap, its sales turnover is $3 million daily and have a market capitalization of $100 million. This means that the audience the coin has, and based on global statistics, it is safe to say that among the users is gamers.

But let’s look further. If this opportunity were able to implement a Nano, so can other top cryptocurrency developers. If cryptopedia integrated into Unreal Engine 4, and for other engines it’s possible.

In fact, the potential for innovation is limitless. It remains only to implement it. If the tests are successful and cryptoplasm will become a trend, it will lead to the fact that 2.5 billion gamers worldwide will start to use cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. And this is a powerful bullish trend and another step to world recognition of digital money, the Erasure of uncertainty.


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