Oh, those plums: bitcoin goes down, a Deposit tends to zero

Almost every company has a man who, appearing at the party, ruining everyone’s fun, sort of party-Popper. Well, you know, the same feeling as if purchased jam, and he began to fall. Although the one we are telling, let’s better about it in the pictures)

Our local time to pay for electricity:

And we start Saturday after all)

To hontarov began with expectations:

As for hontarov in a perverted form)

For the rest — with a gloomy reflection:

Pump, it is equally serious:

How many sudden:

Why focus and not get distracted:

And that’s kind of it, a good time to enter, but:

…the crypt if she reads your thoughts and does not share your plans:


Do not:

Beginners in horror:

Experienced in the stopper:

Experienced shrug:

ForkLog collects memes:

But alconera long time to accept the truth:

After all, so can not continue:

Next week is unlikely to have shaken the faith of hontarov in the cue:

And they are glad even to a small profit:

To relieve stress, by the way, help seals:

Listen to the cat:

ForkLog does not guarantee to teach you cat language, but will promptly notify you of any over the market)


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