Four prospective partners OpenLibra denied its involvement in the project

The author of the initiative to create an alternate version of the digital currency Libra misrepresented information on some of the project participants. Thus, representatives of Tendermint, Chainlink, Web3 Hashed Foundation and their participation denied, according to CoinDesk.

Earlier this week during the conference Devcon5 in Osaka co-founder Wireline Lucas Geiger presented the initiative OpenLibra, designed to be «beyond the control of the corporations version of Libra» from Facebook.

As argued earlier, the development team OpenLibra representatives from various blockchain projects including Cosmos, Chainlink, Web3, Earth Democracy, and non-profit organizations such as the Danish Red Cross.

«I participated in the same collective call. After that, I did nothing, and didn’t ask me before including my name in the slides», — said a leading developer Tendermint Inc. Sunny Aggarwal.

Similar comments were given by the representatives Chainlink, Web3 Foundation and Hashed. The last two noted that they erroneously associated with staff that these projects no longer work.

«We are not against OpenLibra. We are not just part of them», – said the head of communications Web3 Foundation Zeke Turner.

It is reported that Lucas Geiger has already apologized for the incident a misunderstanding.

At the same time, nine representatives of various companies and organizations have confirmed their participation in the project. One of them came Ethereum developer lane Rettig, Director Tendermint by Zaki Manian, as well as the founders of Iqlusion, Vulcanize, BlockScience and HiveOnline. They all said they support OpenLibra individually, although the membership behind them the companies did not elaborate.

We will remind, on October 23 in the U.S. Congress will be devoted to Libra hearings, during which was made by the head of Facebook mark Zuckerberg.


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