Herman Gref: Libra has no future in Russia

Libra digital currency from Facebook is unlikely to be popular in Russia, as many local companies had plans to launch its own coins. This was stated by the head of Sberbank German Gref, Interfax reported.

Gref said he did not believe «in any advanced centralized systems»:

«Now there was a discussion tablconv. In my opinion, there is no need to hurry with the regulation. I believe that you need to create the conditions for decentralised this kind of system has appeared, but still you first need to see how they will develop.»

German Gref also commented on the recent leak of customer data of Sberbank. The Bank confirmed the data theft 5 thousand customers, although, according to media reports, the network has been information about 60 million credit card holders. Gref also pledged to significantly strengthen the protection of the savings Bank after the incident.

We will remind, in the summer, the head of Sberbank called bitcoin a tool for transactions and not for investment.


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