Ethereum Foundation became the first sponsor of the new cryptocurrency Fund for UNICEF

The UN children’s Fund (UNICEF) established a cryptocurrency Fund to accept donations in bitcoin and Ethereum.

Digital assets will be allocated to technologies with open source, designed for children and youth around the world.

UNICEF was the first organization in the UN, which commits transactions in bitcoin, said the representatives of the Foundation in a press release.

“If the digital economy and currencies there is a potential for the formation of future generations, it is important to explore the possibilities they offer”, — said the Executive Director of UNICEF Henriette fauré.

The first contributions to the UNICEF Fund Cryptocurrency will come from Ethereum Foundation through the French division of the children’s Fund, which had previously started to accept donations in the cryptocurrency nine.

Digital assets will be directed on financing of three grantees of the Innovation Fund UNICEF. It Prescrypto startups, Atix Labs and Utopixar working in the fields of “tracking recipes, selection of investors and those who need financing, as well as tokens of public and business relations.” The means cryptocurrency Fund will receive the initiative GIGA on the Internet connection of schools around the world.

During a speech at the conference, DevCon Executive Director of the Ethereum Foundation Aya Miyaguchi reported that 100 ETH (approximately $18.3 per thousand) has been sent to UNICEF Cryptocurrency Fund.

In a statement, UNICEF said that the cryptocurrency taking the national committees Fund of the United States, Australia, New Zealand and France.

It is noteworthy that the Australian division UNICEF to collect donations earlier also used mining.


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