The development of Ethereum 2.0 is progressing faster than previously expected

The development of Ethereum 2.0 is moving faster than expected, according to the portal Trustnodes.

All major customers are already connected to each other through a local area network (LAN). According to co-founder of Sigma Prime Adrian manning, customers GBR Eth 2.0, written in different programming languages, can now «communicate». Manning has publicly confirmed that Nimbus Status from, Artemis from PegaSyS, Lodestar from ChainSafe and Trinity are compatible with each other.

«We didn’t expect 3-4 clients will be able to communicate so early, so we even such plans do not build», – said Mami Ratsimbazafy of Status, answering the question of when can be started the test network. «We will release it as soon as a sufficient number of customers will be satisfied by all elements of the specifications,» said a developer on the team Nimbus Jacek SIECA.

On Thursday, the developers Eth 2.0 should organize a conference call and discuss what needs to happen so they can deploy a test network. As noted Trustnodes, apparently, test the network between clients on a limited basis already exists. Its opening to the General public would actually mean the first release of Eth 2.0, but only with test coins.

This can happen as early as this month. Then the test network will last 3-4 months, after which the start of the network, where users will be able to carry the air through the Deposit contract. Officially release the core network is scheduled for Jan. The majority of workers in developing Eth 2.0 teams do well with their tasks, which is reflected in the progress test network.

After starting with 32 ETH users will be able to fix them in takingaway circuit to receive awards at the level of 5-8% per year. Other interested parties to transfer their shares have to seek the assistance of specialized services that is likely to appear by this time.

Further details can be expected from the conference Ethereum developers devcon, which will be held next month.


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