One bitcoin tip

Bitcoin, surely now on everyone’s lips. While everybody remembers the story of the bitcoin pizza, which has become one of the legends in the world of cryptocurrency.

But have you ever thought about what today would have been the value of bitcoin tips, which is easily heard commercials 6 years ago?

Nice tip… or expensive?

A recent post on Reddit says it’s funny how 6 years ago a bitcoin tip worth 1 BTC ($27,10) was a good gift for a stranger.

According to CoinMarketCap, then it could also be one-fourth (or even fifth) part of bitcoin – also a huge amount by today’s standards.

A Reddit member by the name bearishbulltard said, if someone wants to try to give a tip in the amount of 1 BTC, he will be happy to play the role of the stranger:

Car? The rest? Mansion?

Today one bitcoin is worth more than $10 000. If the recipient of these stories kept their bitcoins, he could easily buy a holiday abroad or even a small new car. And if you believe bitcoin projections, by 2025 the owner of an entire bitcoin would be able to afford a luxurious mansion.

A Reddit member named Turil also recalled his journey into the world of crypto:

«My first acquaintance with took place thanks to bitcoin tips on Reddit seems to be through / r / freebies. It was the end of 2014. Perhaps in that moment it was just a tip of two dollars. In addition, I got a free Stellar when they was launched and did the promotion on / r / freebies. I think it was coins about $10. Around the time bitcoin started to go crazy, soaring upwards. The same thing happened with Stellar. I quickly exchanged my $3500 in Stellar dollars to buy more bitcoins».

Party Reddit alias Rattlesnake_Mullet said:

«It’s hard to believe there was a time when faucets gave out whole coins, etc. it Seems that we are far advanced now.»

Forum thread with this discussion attracted the attention of many participants on Reddit, and the party under the pseudonym Maxcoiner said:

«I remember Gavin crane at a time they gave out 5 bitcoins in 2011. All that was required is to provide a unique email address, so they can prevent spam!»

«Then it was obvious that the deficit of bitcoins argue against that approach… Gavin had already shown that in reality they know nothing about bitcoin. However, nobody said anything, because coins were worth about $5 each, and on Bitcointalk, it seems, everything is back in order to get more free coins».

At the time of this post the exchange rate of bitcoin was $10 060 (-1,90%), and in these times it is unlikely there will be those who will be giving away one bitcoin «tea».


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