North Korea legalized bitcoin

In February 2020, North Korea will hold the second «international conference on blockchain and cryptocurrency», while sources in Pyongyang reported that from now on, the citizens are allowed to own cryptocurrency, and local developers are building cryptococal.

One of the organizers of the conference is the Korean friendship Association (KFA), an organization with headquarters in Spain, working to develop international relations with the DPRK. The organization recognized the DPRK, brings together its supporters in the world, is cooperating with authorities and receive official information.

According to the President of the KFA, Spanish specialist on IT-technologies Alejandro Cao de Benos de Les Perez, North Korean authorities have allowed citizens to own cryptocurrency, and local developers are currently working on the creation of cryptocell and the «related apps». Moreover, Cao de Benos was given to understand that the country is the process of creating a crypto currency exchange, although such statements have been heard a year ago.

Conference on blockchain and cryptocurrency will take place in the so-called Palace of science and technology in North Korea’s capital from 22 to 29 February 2020. As promised the organizers, its size it will surpass a similar event in April this year. According to the KFA, in the April conference was attended by over 100 foreign guests.

The organizers promise the participants of the February summit is an opportunity to meet with senior government officials and engineers. However, a ticket to the conference costs 3400 Euro – fabulous price even by the standards of the decadent bourgeoisie – and participation is prohibited for citizens of South Korea, Japan and Israel.

In early August of this year, the UN security Council accused the government of North Korea is that they stole about $2 billion from banks and crypto exchanges for the purpose of financing programs for the creation of weapons of mass destruction. The authors of the UN report said that cyber attacks hackers the DPRK carried out under the guidance of the General Bureau of intelligence of the country.

Pyongyang has always rejected such accusations: North Korean media say that the country has no relation to the attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges, and especially not in support of hackers.

However, the United States and Seoul believe that the army of the DPRK are «20 to 30 elite cyber commandos», specializing in the theft of cryptocurrency have kryptomere.


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