Josh Rager: Without the support of bitcoin could fall to $8000

Many experts agree that now is the largest digital currency runs the risk not only to fall below $10 000, but to lose a more significant position. In this situation the best option is to buy bitcoin, which will have a coin sufficient support.

Trader Josh Rager’m sure BTC in the next few days could fall to $9000, and is not excluded a variant at which cryptocurrency will drop even to $8000. Such a scenario is likely in the absence of support from investors.

At the time of publication bitcoin was trading at $112 10, its market capitalization now stands at a little over $181,314 billion.

In the morning of September 11, the coin could not easily be kept above $10,000, but now she continues to «walk the edge».

The analyst, who presented on Twitter under the name Welson, posted, urging investors to buy BTC. He believes that now is the time to buy the coin at a discount and it must be done as soon as possible.

Exacerbation of volatility is expected in the middle or at the end of September. Over the past few weeks, we have observed very weak price fluctuations of bitcoin. Such a situation in the market is sometimes called the «calm before the storm».

However, we must remember that the result of an exacerbation of volatility can become as the breakthrough of bitcoin, and its drop to a new low.


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