In the code Libra eliminated the vulnerability that allowed to manipulate smart contracts

Developers specializing in security smart contracts startup OpenZeppelin found and fixed the vulnerability in a publicly accessible code of the digital currency from Facebook Libra. It is reported by Coindesk.

In particular, OpenZeppelin revealed a bug in the language Move developed a social network specifically for Libra.

«A vulnerability in the compiler IR Move allows attackers to introduce executable code into the smart contracts disguised as inline comments. The good news is that we have eliminated it to the launch platform,» said CEO OpenZeppelin Demian Brener (Demian Brener).

The ability to enter into smart contracts will be one of the programmable functions in Libra, although details of their work are still unknown.

Brener said that this Libra scale systems must undergo a thorough audit.

We will note, recently in the United States once again emphasizedthat Libra and other digital currencies are required to meet the highest standards of the legislation on combating money laundering and financing of terrorism.

ForkLog previously published material on why regulators around the world is so concerned about the crypto project Libra from Facebook.


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