In Europe, counterfeiters sold more than a million counterfeit Euro banknotes with bitcoin

Europol and Portuguese police have arrested one of Europe’s largest groups of counterfeiters.

The attackers selling fake Euro darknet using bitcoins. Acting from 2017, they released the fake bills by 1.3 million euros.

The police say that counterfeiting is one of the quality with which they are faced. Bills have elements such as watermarks, imitation security threads and holograms.

«Often they are only detected when making Bank deposits. From the point of view of conventional trade, these notes are accepted pretty easily», — said the representative of the Portuguese police.

Law enforcement officers have arrested five members of a criminal grouping, including its leader. The police also confiscated 69 930 euros in counterfeit banknotes, the equipment and materials used to manufacture counterfeit bills.

Earlier, during the international special operations with the participation of Europol was closed darknet market Wall Street Market.


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