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Laszlo Heinitz again paid for a pizza in bitcoins.

Exchange Exenium — cryptocurrency exchange, adapted to popular instant messengers: Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Discord. To hack into a exchange, you will need to hack the server of the messenger, and to determine the IP address of the bot, which is a very difficult task. Krausel will last until March 25.

How to buy two pizzas with Lightning Network.

Laszlo Heinitz, the most famous buyer of pizza, which in 2010 paid 10,000 BTC for it, again bought two pizzas for bitcoins, using the technology of Lightning Network. At this time, Haniz paid 649,000 Satoshi, or 0,00649 bitcoins — about $62 for both pizzas. As in his district in London he found no pizzerias that accept payment through the network of Lightning, he asked his friend to act as the contractor to accept payment and arrange delivery of pizza. The first was physical buying in the Lightning Network was held on 20 January 2018. Reddit user /u/btc_throwaway1337 announced that he had bought a VPN router through the payment channel provided by TorGuard.

The decentralization of bitcoin is under threat because of the growth in the share of Bitmain.

Co-founder and Cobra called upon to abandon Proof-of-Work in the bitcoin network, as the concentration of a large share Hasrat network in the hands of the world’s largest manufacturer of mining equipment, Bitmain threatens the decentralization of cryptocurrency. According to Cobra, the security of Bitcoin depends on Bitmain. All the talk about new players in the mining industry mean nothing as Bitmain is in the lead, outperforming in the years ahead all competitors. In addition, a profit of $4 billion for 2017, will allow the company to strengthen its position and to buy back shares of their competitors. Cobra also accused Bitmain to use control hasraton to support hard forks of Bitcoin Cash, which threatens the existence of Bitcoin.

The Austrian authorities want to equate the cryptocurrency to gold.

The Ministry of Finance of Austria has stated that it intends to regulate the cryptocurrency market as well as trade in gold and derivatives, and hopes that the European Union will follow their example. Finance Minister Hartwig LOGER also believes that produced in the course of ICO tokens are securities, therefore, the projects must obtain the permission of the regulator for the conduct of licensee. Increased attention to cryptocurrencies by Austrian regulators observed after information that an Austrian ICO project Optioment robbed of 10,000 investors in the amount of $122 million.

Hacker returned another 20,000 ETH project CoinDash.

The project CoinDash was hacked last summer, it was stolen 43,000 ETH. In September with the address Fake_CoinDash wallet startup was sent to 10,000 of the stolen ethers. Was transferred to ETH 20,000, or about $17 million at the current rate. Perhaps the hacker is suffering from remorse of conscience, although some users believe that these activities are well-planned campaign of organizers of the project.

The petition for the addition of a Ripple on Coinbase garnered more than 24,000 signatures.

Coinbase is the largest stock exchange on trade in cryptocurrencies, which supports trade while only four assets: Bitcoin, Cash Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. At the end of 2017, CEO Brian Armstrong said that in the near future on the exchange will be a new cryptocurrency pairs. Users have decided to help Brian with the selection and created a petition urging them to add the ability to trade Ripple. Currently under appeal signed by 24,000 people.


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