Developers Lightning Network confirmed the exploitation of critical vulnerabilities

Following the recent announcement of the vulnerability on the network to scale the bitcoin blockchain Lightning Network appeared information about the fact that it has already been used in practice.

Technical Director of development-oriented technology start-UPS Lightning Labs and ACINQ Olaoluwa Osuntokun reported in a short statement on the portal of the Linux Foundation on September 10. According to him, was discovered confirmed cases of exploitation of the vulnerability databases Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures in the real world.

Initially the problem reported by developer Rusty Russell on August 30. He warned that the vulnerability is present in several BOAT projects and can lead to loss of users. The developers of these projects has released updates to its SOFTWARE, which all users are strongly recommended to install.

After confirming the facts of exploit Osuntokun again urged users to use the actual client version. Vulnerable are the following releases:

  • LND version 0.7 and below;
  • c-lightning version 0.7 and below;
  • eclair version 0.3 and under.

«Now is the best time to remind the guys that we have established limits in an effort to avoid massive loss of funds at an early stage – write Lightning Labs. – There will be bugs. Do not enter the Lightning Network, the money that you do not want to lose.»


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