Developer for system of online voting in the Moscow city Duma called the cause of the failure

Developer hardware and software for blockchain-electronic voting system in the elections to the Moscow city Duma, the company «Crypto» as the cause of failure improper use of equipment. About RBC said the representative of the company.

According to them, the Department of information technology (DIT) has set up the possibility of using a backup system in case of failure of the primary, despite the availability of the necessary funds.

In DIT with charges do not agree and believe that the problem was on the side of «Crypto»:

«It is still their hardware, they supply and install. Still unclear why they did not announced why the failure occurred», — said the Deputy head of the Moscow DIT Artem Kostyrko.

He also added that the Department «has all the logs with the analytical equipment of this», and he is ready to publish.

We will remind, the Moscow city Duma elections for the first time used the electronic voting system based on blockchain. As a result of the failure not more than a thousand votes.

In August the system in just 20 minutes cracked the French cryptographer Pierrick Godri.


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