Blockstack raised $23 million in the first approved by the SEC tocancel

New York blockchain Blockstack company raised $23 million during an investment round that included approved by the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA (SEC) tocancel. This was announced by CEO Muneeb Ali.

In the framework of licensee conducted in accordance with the position of «A+», Blockstack received $15.5 million by selling more than 74 million token Stacks (STX) among investors from the United States. Another $7.6 million the company received from investors from Asia, in accordance with the «S»position.

In tokencache involved more than 4500 individuals and legal entities. Among venture capital investors from the US were Union Square Ventures, Lux Capital, and others. In Asia, the round was led by Hashkey and SNZ.

The company also intends to distribute tokens among the buyers within 30 days, and the resulting investments will be directed on the further development, attracting new users and developers.

Recall Blockstack became the first company approved by the SEC on the conduct of licensee in accordance with the position «A+». It allows small companies to raise funds from the public, while respecting the less stringent regulatory requirements than an IPO.

Previously, the company has attracted $50 million investment from well-known representatives of the blockchain-industry and venture capital firms.


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