Bitcoin mining pool Poolin came in second place in the world in terms of the hash rate

In the industry of bitcoin mining continues rearrangement of forces on the background of the continuing growth of the total hash rate of the network.

So, based in 2017, mining-pool Poolin recently came in second place in terms of total computing power, sliding the «old man» F2Pool on the market in 2013, in third place. This drew attention to themselves Poolin on Twitter.

Poolin played a role in the rapid growth of the hash rate bitcoin in recent months. Since the beginning of July it had increased their computing power is almost 2 times – from 6,14 EH/s to 12.16 EH/s. During this same time, the hash rate continues to lead the pool dropped a few percent from 14,19 EH/s to 13.75 EH/s.

Although the reduction of the share in the total computing power controlled Bitmain mining-pools, which once controlled about half of the computing resources of a network of bitcoin is considered as a positive signal, Poolin, and other leading players of this space belong to the family of Chinese miners. Thus, the computing power of bitcoin remains concentrated primarily in one country.

Blockstream recently, the company announced the opening of land for mining bitcoin in Canada, the production facilities of which shortly before the announcement represented approximately 10% of the hash rate bitcoin.

Representatives Poolin, in turn, said that their farm has not suffered from the recent floods in China which damaged the infrastructure of some of its competitors.

According to the Blockchain, on Tuesday reached yet another high in terms of the hash rate in the network of bitcoin is above 97 EH/s.


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