In Dash discovered the vulnerability. The developers urgently released an update

The developers Aldona Dash has released an update of the network v0.14.0.3 almost immediately after her work was discovered vulnerability.

The blog of the developer says that last Wednesday on the blockchain, there was a bug that could be caused by either stress testing platform, or hacking.

This vulnerability could cause crashes when processing transactions, or even lead to the termination of some nodes of the blockchain.

Update v0.14.0.3 is intended to fix the vulnerability and restore full functioning of the network. In addition, it will allow you to integrate additional options into the work of the blockchain. In particular, increasing the efficiency of the space usage of the database and eliminated the risks of failure in the processing operations.

The developers emphasized:

The update is strongly recommended for all nodes in the network and for all users, operators, complete assemblies, stock exchanges and partners.

Note that the Director General of the developer company Aldona Dash Foundation Ryan Taylor recently said that the network Dash after the integration of the Protocol Chainlocks became virtually invulnerable to attack 51%.


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