Changban Zhao expects the startup Binance in the US in the next couple of months

Exchange CEO Binance Changban Zhao expects to start service crypto-Fiat trading on the us market within two months. He said this in a conversation with the portal, Cheddar 15 August.

«I don’t want to name specific dates, but is doing a great job, changing a lot of things. I would say that [launch] a month or two,» he said.

In June Binance reported that on 12 September would limit access to us customers to our main platform and open for them a specialized unit that will operate in accordance with the requirements of the Network to combat financial crimes (FinCEN).

On Friday, Zhao confirmed that the cooperation with the company BAM Trading Services will help them adapt to the regulatory conditions of the United States:

«We now have a partner. We want to take this opportunity to explore the market.»

Commenting on potential problems due to regulatory uncertainty in the U.S., Zhao said:

«I think the American market is one of the most developed and I think that they have some of the best requirements for the space of traditional Finance. Cryptocurrency is a new phenomenon and the US is a big country with a large number of regulatory agencies and very large market. Major markets adjusting more difficult.»

In the end, Zhao expressed hope for the positive development of the situation with regulation of cryptocurrency in the United States. This makes him believe the existing legal basis for the traditional Finance sector.

«In the United States have historically developed a very clear regulation, so we hope to clarify the situation. Early participants in this space are waiting for the best rewards. There is regulatory uncertainty, but we want to try» — he added.

In the first stage Binance.US will not serve traders from new York as have not yet received a license from the local regulator Regulations. Does not have such a license and BAM Trading Services. Representatives of both companies refused to divulge information about their plans for handling Regulations.

Last week Binance.US revealed a list of assets, the possibility of listing which it considers at the start.

Also Binance today announced that its own app is again available in the App store for iOS devices. According to history releases today in the App Store has been downloaded the new version of the application contains bug fixes and improvements. While margin trading in Binance app is still not available.


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