The announcement of a global update Cardano 1.6

Ethereum co-founder and CEO of IOHK Charles Hoskinson on Tuesday evening announced the upcoming release of cryptocurrency project Cardano.

It is expected that the launch of Cardano 1.6 due in a few days.

«A large amount of outstanding work has been done for this release, and I’m extremely proud of the team,» he writes.
Hoskinson urged users to see the updated version of the ADA-wallet Daedalus, share screenshots, and tell about their experiences.

According to the announcement the developers of Daedalus, the new version of the wallet there have been a substantial number of interface changes to improve user convenience, and resolved a number of issues, such as running wallet in Windows operating system no longer requires administrator rights.

In may it became known that Hoskinson will cooperate with the platform Polymath in the new project Polymesh. It focuses on the needs of corporate users who need to produce to applicable requirements of the securities on the blockchain.


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