Exchange Binance will be spent on technical work 15 Aug

Exchange cryptocurrency Binance this Wednesday announced planned engineering works, which its platform will not be available for 6-8 hours.

The update will start on August 15th at 05:00 GMT. From this time until the end of the technical works users will not be able to carry out input/output means, and to enter into transactions on the platform.

The break in the Binance is associated with improvements engine matching applications, APIs, and performance optimization of the WebSocket. In addition, through the API, users will have access to a new type of orders, OCO (Order Cancels Order or order vzaimootnoshenii).

As in previous updates, Binance will allocate 30 minutes after the end of the technical work so they could cancel existing orders and to carry out operations on Deposit/withdrawal. Company recommends to pay attention to the active margin positions to avoid forced liquidations.

Tuesday Binance also announced a change of programme listing BEP2-token nacatamales exchange Binance DEX on the main platform If earlier Binance planned so to list at least one project a month, now such obligations, it does not take over.

Last week representatives of the Binance announced the plan to open a new office in London.


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