Platform tokenization agricultural assets Kernel-IEO will conduct Trade on the exchange Coinsbit


Cryptocurrency exchange Coinsbit will hold an initial exchange offer (IEO) platform, Kernel-Trade, tokenizers agricultural assets and property. About it reported in a press release.

Platform Kernel-Trade is designed to facilitate the development of agro-industries through the creation of licenzirovanie ecosystem for physical assets and property rights.

«Kernel-Trade aims to bring managers and asset owners with investors through the creation of low-risk financial instruments on the blockchain backed by real estate, agricultural assets, property rights and so on», — declared in Kernel-Trade.

Platform is the Central part of the ecosystem KNL. It enables users to invest in agricultural enterprises, providing the industry a platform for the public offer of assets. All transactions on the platform will be held with the use of the token KNL and a private blockchain Kernel-Trade technology Stellar.

The company argued that all tokens backed by real physical assets, the preservation of which is guaranteed Kernel-Trade.

The first round of licensee will be held from 27 August to 29 August 2019. The second round kicks off on 29 August 2019.

Only for sale within the framework of the IEO will be placed 17 million tokens worth $0,1 each, and the minimum purchase amount is 1 KNL. Minimum target fees will be $350 000 and a maximum of $1 700 000.

In the course of the IEO for sale 50% token KNL, 25% — focuses on marketing and the development of ecosystems, 20% will be awarded to team and 5% will remain in the Foundation.

We will remind, earlier this year Coinsbit said about the integration with 200,000 POS terminals that will allow customers to purchase digital coins for Fiat without intermediaries.


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