Beaxy exchange suspended trading after the collapse of the exchange rate of the token XRP from Ripple to 40%

Newly launched cryptocurrency exchange Beaxy was forced to halt trading and withdrawals from the platform because of «unusually high trading activity in a pair XRP/BTC». Later, representatives of the exchange said that the problems with the trade was triggered by the vulnerability of the partial payment.

So, on Monday, August 12 at Beaxy provided major selling XRP, with the result that the price of the token on the stock exchange has fallen by 40% relative to other trading platforms.

Chart XRP/BTC exchange Beaxy from TradingView

Beaxy later reported that the attackers used the vulnerability of a partial payment. The team also was able to identify the perpetrators of the incident from the data obtained in the course of KYC procedures.

Trading activity on the stock exchange will be suspended at the time of elimination of the consequences from the attack. Representatives Beaxy also promised to reimburse users rated scams funds.

Earlier, the vulnerability of partial payment allowed the attacker to withdraw from the stock exchange BitoPro 7 million XRP.


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