Verification data, the control of public procurement and other initiatives for implementation of blockchain technology

The blockchain technology continues to be one of the hottest trends among financial, government and commercial organizations worldwide. Information about new projects and initiatives in this area receives daily. Journal ForkLog offers an overview of the most interesting recent initiatives.

Fidelity, Deloitte, and Amazon supported the new accelerator for blockchain companies

One of the main news of the week was the launch of a venture capital firm IDEO CoLab business accelerator for entrepreneurs and startups in the field of blockchain Startup Studio. The initiative has already been supported by investment company Fidelity Investments, consulting giant Deloitte, Amazon and another 20 organizations.

IDEO CoLab will offer budding entrepreneurs a series of programmes and workshops from our partners: Atrium, Avanta Ventures, the Blockchain at Berkeley, Brex, CoinList, CSAA Insurance Group, Electric Capital, Ethereum Foundation and ETH Global, GS Group, Hanwha, Messari, NEAR Protocol, Oasis Labs, Perkins Coie, she256, Stellar Foundation, Silicon Valley Bank and TQ Tezos.

Note that the IDEO CoLab works in the field of the blockchain in 2015 and managed to implement six investment in specialized projects, including ZeppelinOS and Messari. The firm also worked with developers Grin, Augur, and even zcash for IPFS.

Shell invested in the energy blockchain startup LO3

This week one of the five largest oil and gas companies in the world Shell has invested an unnamed amount of energy blockchain startup LO3.

Based in new York LO3 known as the developer of the platform Exergy, which uses the Ethereum blockchain to track the consumption of electricity. By the financial support of a startup, Shell received an option to convert its investment in the XRG, the native token of the platform Exergy used to provide network access and financial incentives of its participants.

For Shell this is already the fourth public investment in blockchain-based projects. Earlier, the Dutch company invested in platform Vakt, Komgo and Applied the Blockchain

We will note that earlier in LO3 also invested by German Corporation Siemens, with the support of which the company has created a local smart grid in the new York area of Brooklyn.

The University of Arizona uses the blockchain for the exchange of data about students ‘ progress

Where: USA
In any field: education, communication
Objective: tracking data about the academic performance of their verification and further exchange between the colleges of the state and the University
Who doesArizona State University
Technology used: Salesforce, EdPlus
Estimated date of implementation: unknown
Link: press release

Uber is leveraging the blockchain for transporting patients

Where: USA
In what area: health care
Goal: to provide patients with vozmozhnosti order to travel to medical institutions to pay for them with Care.Wallet and split the cost with family members, employers, insurance companies and other relevant organizations.
Who is: Uber Health, Solve.Care
Used technology: Ethereum
Estimated date of implementation: 2019
Reference: Forbes

In Brazil, the use of the blockchain for control of public procurement

Where: Brazil (States of Bahia and Rio Grande do Norte)
In what area: public procurement
Goal: monitoring of tenders for public orders, facilitation of establishing contacts between the agricultural sector and suppliers.
Those involved in: Cayenne Technology and Design, world Bank
Used technology: Online Bid Solution
Estimated date of implementation: running
Link: Cointelegraph

The blockchain will be tested in the elections to the Moscow city Duma

Where: Russia
In what area: election
Purpose: the accounting and verification of the voting results, providing the possibility of online voting
Those involved in: Department of information technology of Moscow
Estimated date of implementation: testing process
Link: ForkLog

Also among the important news of the week will celebrate the signing of the agreement between the government of the Russian Federation and rostec state Corporation of the intention to develop technologies for distributed registry in the country.

In addition to the development of the blockchain, rostec will also take care of 5G communications, solutions in the field of quantum sensors and Internet of things (IoT).


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