Come on, hurt me, or history channels this week: the meme review

Bitcoin is blowing up hamsters that are happy, then suffer (holders violas do in grief), and then there’s trump suddenly decided to tell what he thinks about cryptocurrency. And what are we? Just live with it and collect memchiki.

Well, let’s start with price. While bitcoin climbs up, then Bouncing, then again rising, altcoins at all Oh how hard times.

There is only one Aldon who stole our heart.

Like, and strategy trading bitcoin holders, we also have a question…

Anyway, it’s time to recognize that most traders — even very so-so.

Still bitcoin behaves, to put it mildly, not very respectful.

Move on to the Trump. He decided to explain what he thinks about the cryptocurrency.

But we all know…

Or so…

And anyway, what kind of memes are, if they would not Craig Wright! Correct immediately!

And of course, we wouldn’t dare forget about it man!

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