Donald trump spoke for the first time about bitcoin and Libra

The US President Donald trump, who prefers daily to convey their thoughts via Twitter, for the first time spoke about bitcoin and digital currency Libra from Facebook. In his opinion, their value is extremely volatile and generally unsubstantiated.

«I’m not happy with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not money. Their cost is excessively volatile and is taken from the ceiling. Unregulated scriptactive can facilitate criminal activity, including drug trafficking».

Trump said that the virtual currency Libra should not count on building a reputation.

«If Facebook and other companies want to be banks, then they need to obtain a banking license and comply with appropriate regulation as do national and international banks.»

Also, the President of the United States clearly outlined their priorities.

«In the US there is only one real currency. She’s stronger than ever, it is reliable. It is the dominant world currency, and always will remain such. It’s a dollar!».

Of course, the President’s statement sparked a fierce debate in the comments, which was attended by both skeptics and supporters of the cryptocurrency. Founder of TRON Justin San invited trump to have lunch with legendary investor Warren Buffett and Peter Schiff happy for support from the President.

Managing partner of venture capital firm Morgan Creek Anthony Pompliano opposed Trump math.

«If you say that the basis of bitcoin empty space, I can tell you that there is math. And who should we believe?»

Earlier, the fed Chairman Jerome Powell said about the position of the Central Bank Libra and explained to the public that people are increasingly using bitcoin as an alternative to gold as means of payment.


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