Donald trump outlined his attitude to bitcoin

Donald trump for the first time in his career, the US President expressed his opinion about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Twitter trump has published three reports, where he indicated that he did not «fan of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not money, whose value is extremely volatile and comes from nothing.»

The US President also drew attention to the risks of an unregulated cryptocurrency which, in particular, the possibility of their use for conducting illegal activities, including drug trafficking.

«Likewise, «virtual currency» Libra from Facebook will not have the stability or reliability, – he writes. – If Facebook and other companies want to be banks, they must hold a new banking law and to comply with all banking regulations, as other banks: national and international.»

Trump also reminded that in the USA there is «only one real currency that is strong and reliable as ever.»

«It is called the dollar!» – he concluded.

Earlier this week the Chairman of the governing Council of the Federal reserve system Jerome Powell expressed the opinion that Facebook should not hurry with his cryptocurrency initiative, while regulators remain various doubts about her.


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