CEO of Xena.Exchange: this week bitcoin will reach $12.5 million and above


July 8, on the YouTube channel ForkLog came seventh edition of videoroliki «Analysis of the stock market». Live exchange CEO Xena.Exchange Anton Kravchenko told about the wars for the client, the problems of kryptonyte in Russia and the differences from other Libra tablconv.

The aim of the section is to carry out fundamental analysis of industry and to talk about the trends that affect the cryptocurrency market. New editions come out every two weeks.

Edition ForkLog chose the most interesting moments from the stream.

About interesting projects kriptonyte

ICO is a «gray zone». Really there to create something 20% of the projects. Successfully developed projects of venture type. I follow several of them. To say names would be wrong. Interesting projects you can find yourself if you look where invested Galaxy.

I like what happens with major exchanges: Kraken and Binance. They develop in several directions. In addition, each exchange is coming to the market in his own way. Binance create spot and DEX, Kraken bought a platform for derivatives trading.

The war for the customer on the stock market

It is widely believed that the customer uses with one product. This is not so. Most often, the client uses all fields.

Projects that don’t entice users, and create new conditions. If the conditions are interesting, the customer uses part of the functionality of the product.

On the development of cryptocurrency market

The cryptocurrency market is developing very actively. If you do not see, you are in the wrong locations.

On the recommendations of the FATF

Still in many countries worked in the regulatory sandbox. In the sandbox a new business are not punished, even if he will do something wrong. Regulators can ask the project to change working conditions. They do not act rashly. They need to the business grew.

The FATF will regulate the stock market. And there is nothing wrong. Sandbox begins to crystallize. Appears the legislation against illegal use of cryptocurrencies. Regulators pay attention to fake the volume, storage of clients ‘ money and transfer Fiat.

On the differences between Libra from other tablconv

CEC banned the Basis project because they created the new Central Bank. In contrast, Libra has no Central liquidity. Libra provided the dollar, so Congress was asked to suspend development of stablon, but shut him down. Regulators need to understand is the new cryptocurrency legislation.

To stablon Tether many questions: whether he provided the dollar, will the creators to fulfill their obligations? Libra is much clearer. The project involves Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Booking. For such companies, non-compliance is a huge reputational risk. They will never go.

Currencies in Russia and China

We are between two fires: the need to prevent capital outflows and at the same time to make kriptonyte developed. It is an impossible task. The regulator may not make a good law, because they do not understand how the business works. The «sandbox» he also can’t do. In this case, the business will use loopholes in the law for illegal actions.

In place of the regulators, I would define a list of companies that I can play in the «sandbox». In Russia, Sberbank, Yandex and large IT companies.

Top companies have a great risk of reputational loss. They will not break the law. So it is possible to develop the market and to prevent disorder.

On the state «Yandex»

«Yandex» from a small company has grown into a huge Corporation. She already has payments, cards, taxi, food. This company affects the economy, media and even the perception of information users.

Chances are good that it will make a state company. It, if not kill, it will greatly reduce the ability of «Yandex» to innovation.

On the sale of tokens Gram for Liquid with a premium of 200%

As far as I know, Gram, investors can’t make deals. So you can lose the tokens. You need to check the news and be careful. Telegram messages Liquid not commented.

About the promotion and Libra Gram

The market lacks news from Durov and Gram. Investors want the developers talked about progress more often than once a month. In this respect, the openness of Libra — a positive thing.

About the war Facebook and Telegram

The war between Facebook and Telegram no. Is a different business. I said, in the blockchain, there are times when projects do not compete for customers. A person can be both Libra and Gram for different purposes.

At the start of the Telegram 200 million users to 3 billion users of Facebook, Visa, Mastercard and Booking. I believe in Telegram terms of the product. Its customer base will grow. Telegram TV is much cooler tape Facebook. Telegram will go to a new country, there will appear the channels with content and grow the number of users.

About the price of bitcoin

The market is now strong. He’s a little bent on the charts in the Market Barometer, but you can see a lot of deals on the purchase. The ratio of orders to sell and buy nearly equal, it is uncommon for bitcoin. Usually it is difficult to climb.

Looking at the chart, the price of bitcoin falls to $11.5 million, but I expected this week, bitcoin is at $12.5 million and above.

Next broadcast within the joint with Xena.Exchange the heading «Analysis of kriptonyte» see Monday, July 22 on channel Forklog in YouTube. Signed!


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