Timothy Peterson: Until the end of the year bitcoin will rise to $40 000

Despite the decline in bitcoin exchange rate that we see in the middle of the week, the coin needs to the end of 2019 at least to reach the $40,000 or even exceed it.

This view on Twitter expressed the bitcoin optimist and investor Timothy Peterson. He stressed that the huge performance of the largest cryptocurrency in the first half allowed the BTC to achieve maximum performance with the spring of last year.

Profit investors invested in bitcoin increased by 180%, and by the end of this year, it could add another 250%. An additional increase in the amount of 250% of the current value of bitcoin will trigger a spurt of coins up to $40,000 and above.

According to Peterson, if we analyze the dynamics of the BTC over the past few years, it is possible to form a model of the behavior of the crypto-currencies before the end of this year. It will be more aggressive, and Peterson does not even exclude that BTC will up to $50 000.

Thursday, July 11, major digital currency is trading at $11 500, its market capitalization exceeds $207,898 billion Analysts from Bloomberg had previously expressed a similar prediction, noting that in the second half of this year we can expect a continuing positive trend and take BTC to new heights.

However, many Internet users called the forecast conservative and Peterson emphasize that bitcoin will make a much bigger leap. Analyst with them partly agree and says that around $40-50 000 is a conservative estimate, as it allowed the probability of reaching $70-80 000.


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