Media: the Iranian authorities can legitimize mining cryptocurrency

Chairman of the Iranian Central Bank Abdolnaser of Hemmati said that the government was considering the possibility of legalizing the mining of cryptocurrencies, according to PressTV.

Earlier, the Central Bank of Iran had intended to prohibit bitcoin payments and keep restrictions at the legislative level, and recently the Ministry of energy has proposed to abolish preferential tariffs for miners.

Economic problems of Iran provoked international sanctions, forcing many residents of the country to use bitcoin as a means of accumulation. Until recently, Iran has demonstrated a huge volume of trading on Localbitcoins, but then the Finnish company was forced to stop activities in this Islamic Republic.

So, the Iranian government allegedly intends to set export tariffs for miners, as well as some way to introduce coins produced in the «national economic cycle.» Perhaps the authorities consider cryptocurrencies as a way to bypass the international restrictions.

We will remind, in February the media reported the launch of gold-backed digital currency by four Iranian banks.


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