In the elections to the Moscow city Duma will involve blockchain. The system of testing students

In the experiment on electronic voting, which will take place on elections of the deputies of the city Duma of the seventh convocation in the fall, the account of ballot papers transferred on the blockchain system. Today, July 11, system tested by the students of Moscow universities. This was stated by Deputy head of information technologies Department of Moscow Artem Kostyrko, reports TASS.

«The key difference of our electronic voting system and others is that the voice of a man not only anonymized, we can still each person will provide the opportunity to find your voice, your ballot to the blockchain network. This appears in the form of a code that will be generated on the browser of the person, on his computer, and not on any other system. After that, according to this code you can check the availability of this Bulletin in the system,» said Kostyrko.

He also stressed that the voting system the voter registers and ballot papers will be «broken».

«On the day of voting loyalty record of their voices can be understood only by those who understand the system of blockchain voting electronically will be able to immediately see the code. Decryption of the cipher, understood by all, we will publish after the end of voting,» — said the official.

Now the system is tested on the platform of the official portal of the mayor of Moscow among the nearly two thousand students, who choose the best student Council President in the capital.

«All of the functionality that will be in the elections in September, it works today: the minimizers, the blockchain-a chain, stats and everything else. This is a test, the first «appearance» of the software, there are bugs and crashes, we monitor them all, watch the reaction of students,» said Kostyrko.

The next stage of testing will start from July 15. It is reported that it will involve representatives of the IT industry.

Final testing is scheduled for August. It will be conducted among «professionals from the electoral process», candidates and observers.

We will remind, last year the Central electoral Commission of Russia has approved the implementation of a blockchain technology in electoral processes.


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