Brothers Winklevoss can join the launch of Libra. They believe that their tokens are released by Google and Amazon

The founders of Winklevoss Capital and the bitcoin exchange Gemini brothers Winklevoss consider the opportunity to become members of the Libra consortium Association. They declared it in conversation with CoinDesk.

«We definitely look at this [initiative Facebook] seriously, and we’re excited about the project,» said Cameron Winklevoss.

The brothers are confident that the launch of digital token other major companies — just a matter of time.

«It seems to us that this is only the first such project to release tokens from group companies FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google). According to our forecasts, in the next 24 months, almost every company FANG will already have their own coin or will work on something similar», — says Tyler Winklevoss.

While the brothers are convinced that Facebook needs to work with regulators, since the «proper regulation contributes to the prosperity of innovation.»

Note that Libra has faced harsh criticism from the government authorities and major financial institutions. U.S. congressmen even called for Facebook to suspend work on the project.

In conversation with CNBC Winklevoss noted that Libra is not a potential competitor to the Dollar Gemini (GUSD).

«As far as we know, Libra is secured by a basket of currencies, while the GUSD pegged to the US dollar in the ratio 1:1… in General, I think that a pair of bitcoin-Libra or Libra-Gemini dollar can be very interesting,» said Tyler Winklevoss.

The willingness of the brothers to join the project Facebook may seem slightly ironic, given that in the past Winklevoss accused Mark Zuckerberg of stealing the idea of creating a social network.

Recall, the brothers have long been seeking to open the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust, in June 2016 by sending from the application for changes in the rules of stock exchange BATS Global Exchange, which will trade shares of the Fund.

It should also be noted, so far the only bitcoin exchange, joined the Libra Association, is Coinbase.


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