Extended the deadline of registration of participants of the international contest of traders on DEX Waves

Due to the large influx of people wishing to participate in the international competition of traders trading tournament World Series (WSOC), which soon will be held at the exchange Waves DEX, organizers decided to extend the registration deadline until June 19. The tournament will be held from 20 to 27 June 2019.

According to the founder and CEO of Waves by Alexander Ivanov, at the moment the stock exchange has received over 2,700 applications for participation in the competition and their number continues to grow.

«The interest in the tournament is clear, as right in our eyes, a trend in which more and more professional players involved in trades on decentralized exchanges, providing users with the ability to fully control their own money in the wallets and their data,» he said.

Participation in tournament is free. Each participant as of the opening balance sheet will receive a free token worth 100 000 dUSD (demo dollars). The competition will take place on the stock exchange DEX Waves using three pairs of demo-tokens and will be extremely reliable, decentralized and transparent. All participants with the final balance more than 100 000 dUSD will be included in the prize pool.

Contest rules

  1. The competition runs solely on DEX Waves.
  2. Possible trade assets in the following pairs:
    — dBTC/dUSD
    — dETH/dUSD
    — dETH/dBTC
  3. Traders are given seven days to show your skills and get the maximum profit.
  4. Allowed the use of trading bots.
  5. The prize Fund will be divided between the most successful traders.

Institution other assets and output demo-tokens is prohibited. Statistics all traders will be visible on the main page of WSOC. Personal statistics will be available in the profile of each trader. It will also be seen by using the filters on the main page. The Commission for transactions is charged from the user’s balance in the WAVES.

The winners

At the end of the contest demo-tokens of all participants will be frozen and the balance transferred to dUSD on the spot price. All traders with a balance of more than 100,000 will receive a portion of the prize pool. Pool of winners will be published in the section «Achievements» on the main page of the site WSOC.

The prize Fund is distributed as follows:

  • 1 place: 5 000 WAVES
  • 2nd place: 3 000 WAVES
  • 3rd place: 2 000 WAVES
  • 3 000 WAVES will be divided among the other participants who made a profit in proportion to this profit.

To obtain additional information and time to submit the application form for participation via the official site of WSOC.


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