The tone Weiss: there is No evidence that cryptoseal ended

Analyst Tone Weiss doubts that the recent rise in bitcoin exchange rate should be associated with the retreat of the so-called «crypto-winter». In speaking with Cointelegraph, he said that he didn’t notice «too large cash flows that would come into this space».

According to him, during a bear market the prices were supported by already existing capital those who prefer to accumulate the cryptocurrency, not sell it. «If this capital again to scare» the prices will fly down as fast as they grew.

Weiss prefers to make careful decisions, so you do not have to regret. However, he believes that «everyone should have a certain number of bitcoins».

The analyst also commented on the made in March the rate on a $250,000 bitcoin should fall below $2,000 to heleninha 2024. According to Weiss, the likelihood of execution of the prediction is small «in this situation», but still possible.

CEO of startup incubator LAUNCH Jason Calacanis invested in Uber and other projects, gave a more negative Outlook. Commenting on the recent rise of bitcoin to $9, 000, he wrote that the largest cryptocurrency may even take over its nearest competitor. For this reason he, like some other analysts, recommends investing in bitcoin 1-5% of capital. Nevertheless, he is confident that bitcoin will be driven out of the market some other technology, for that reason the rate drops to $0-500.

According to Calacanis, with a 30% chance of early adopters of crypto currencies will give their savings to those looking for financial safe havens, allowing the bitcoin can survive for longer. The remaining 70% he takes the fact that the cryptocurrency will kill «the power, hacks, regulation and improved version» of herself.

At the end of last year, Weiss said that the cryptocurrency derivatives exchange BitMEX has closed his account. Presumably, this happened because of the American citizenship of the trader.


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