The tone Weiss: the growth of bitcoin doesn’t prove that cryptoseal ended

The recent growth of bitcoin prices is not a guarantee that the so-called cryptoseal ended. This was in conversation with Cointelegraph said a well-known trader and analyst Tone Weiss.

In particular, Weiss is quite skeptical about the recent rally in the stock market, noting that he «did not notice too big of cash inflows in the cryptocurrency space.»

The analyst stressed that in the period of a bear market, prices were maintained at the expense of capital holders of the cryptocurrency, not sellers. If the capital «again scare», prices will fall as fast as they grew up, says Weiss.

The trader is encouraged to make more informed decisions, then to «not have to regret.»

In addition, the Tone Weiss commented on a bet of $250,000 on the fact that the price of bitcoin drops below $2,000 to halinga. So, he believes that the probability that the forecast is not too large, however, rule out the possibility that this will happen too.

Recall, the Tone Weiss is a frequent guest on live broadcasts on the YouTube channel ForkLog. In a separate category analyst shares his predictions about the future of the market, and also comments on major industry news.


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