Exchange Rebit announced a grace period for capturadora


The stagnation in the market kryptomere led to lower turnover and profit of the owners of digital platforms. Big players went the way of optimization of business models, marketing to promote the services began to work poorly.

So to attract users, a new crypto currency exchange Rebit offers a grace period of low commissions and to evaluate the possibility of cryptotrading those who are disappointed in other marketplaces or decided to try their hand at the role of captainvalor. It’s also important that the exchange low transaction fees compared to competitors and a complete lack of fees for Deposit and withdrawal.

Rebit, which began operation in December 2018, officially registered in Estonia. Platform operates in full compliance with applicable regulations of the MLTFPA 2017 (Money Laundering and TerroristFinancing Prevention Act of 2017).

The issues of tools and operations exchange Rebit is very traditional and all of its components are familiar to traders. All operations of purchase and sale on the site are in the section «Auction». The main element the main work page trader chart market prices of assets. It is an indispensable tool that allows you to make the right decisions for each specific transaction. Functionality graphics allows you to adjust the image according to the selected parameters using different time intervals, indicators and formats, as well as options of the snapshot of the graph and save any changes for different instruments or intervals. only begins active work, but the project confidently declared itself, offering users excellent functionality that meets all relevant requirements of the actively developing market. Due to the wide range of tools and simple and convenient interface, Rebit is perfect for beginners and professionals.

«The exchange is fully legal and its activities are carried out as a legal entity. The platform is reliable, comfortable, efficient and has all the chances to reach the top in the near future. We believe that the inevitable and imminent turning to growth in the market will lead to Rebit a large number of new users and the platform will prove its superiority over the foreign analogues,» — say the founders of crypto currency exchange.

On the platform there is a high level of security through the use of advanced technology and constantly updated system. The platform has a Russian-language version and intuitive and easy to use interface, not cluttered with ads and distracting graphs, as in many foreign markets. This greatly facilitates the process of trading and speed up the implementation process in the operation game for beginners. For users working round the clock customer support service. Start trading on the stock exchange is within a few minutes, passing a standard registration procedure of the user account, and everywhere. Withdrawal is carried out in accordance with the network rules of the chosen asset. For the pair LTC/ETH four network confirmation for BTC/DASH six network confirmations, ETC for two network confirmations. Withdrawing Fiat dollars available in the purse Advcash. Exchange regularly expands the pool of cryptocurrencies users can trade. In addition, in the near future will be added support for fetovaia that will attract to the platform and the European traders and increase liquidity.


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