Carefully, ASIC: a new kind of fraud with mining hardware

In early April the exchange rate of bitcoin for the first year has demonstrated strong growth — April 1 main cryptocurrency significantly gained weight, and the third number was fixed above $5000. It significantly revived the market: the daily trading volume in April has doubled and remained at the level of $15-20 billion for the entire month.

In may, the growth rate increased rapidly bitcoin crept up to $8000, and on may 27, took a new vertex in $8800. Together with the price of the first cryptocurrency increased cost of mining equipment: at the end of March, the average price of Antminer S9j 14,5 TH/s was 18 000 rubles, and today those «ants» are sold at 32-34 thousand.

The price of Antminer S9 14,5 TH/s

For several months the demand for equipment for mining, in particular in the range of Antminer from Bitmain, increased by 30%, and the best-selling models have become Antminer S9 of 13.5 TH/s, S9i 14 TH/s and S9j 14,5 TH/s. On the market mining equipment reappeared large sums is noticed manufacturers, suppliers and scammers.

In a special article for ForkLog cryptomnesia Vladimir Kochenov spoke about a new type of fraud with the mining equipment and how not to fall into the trap of dishonest sellers.

The essence of the fraud

Criminals sell Antminer S9 13.5-14 TH/s in a new S9j/S9i 14.5 TH/s. To visually disclose the fraud is almost impossible, as the fraudsters move all the stickers on the asik, on the control Board and all hash boards:

Pictured above are three of asik. Stickers on buildings reported that it is two S9j 14.5 TH/s and one S9i 14.5 TH/s — but is it? Bitmain response to the query about what asik was released under these serial numbers were disappointing — all three asika was S9j and S9i 13.5 TH/s.

Stickers on the Board

The photo reflects two areas: on the right is a sticker, and on the left the text with the revision number of the Board printed on the hash charge. The numbers on the sticker on the right say about the production date of the circuit Board — this sticker can remove or glue the crooks to hide the real date of its release. However, the text on the Board itself will not change, as it is engraved. Therefore, targeting version hash boards — the higher it is, the fresher device.

But the visual transformation is not the only trick of the scammers. They also pereprodavat Board and replace the standard web interface on the new. Instead of the factory firmware S9, to the re-will be a firmware S9j/S9i 14,5 TH/s, as on the original Azekah. Thus treated asik not only looks like a S9j/S9i, they also show statistics «jakey» or «Aiki» in the web interface. Of course, the de facto stats will be completely different.

Now on the market are a large number of re-S9i and S9j. Scammers sell them much cheaper than market value, providing a good flow of customers. It is estimated that with every purchase of fake S9j attackers earn more than 6 thousand roubles in the day with several shops on «Avito» can be sold dozens of devices.

The most insulting that this kind of cheating is found not only on «Avito» — according to available data, in Moscow there are at least five outlets selling «switching.» Swindlers have established scheme, which involved service centres, sellers on «Craigslist» and the point of retail sale.

How to deal with scammers

  1. The first and most important recommendation is to buy only from reliable stores or companies which are present on the market more than two years. If you do decide to buy asik on «Avito» or the new company, pay attention to the following points:
  2. Examine the serial numbers on the asik and hash boards, punch them on the Bitmain website.
  3. If you buy a new asik, the stickers must be fresh and neat, stain and dirt on the white stickers — one of the signs of forgery. If you take b/y, on the contrary, labels can’t be new and white — pay attention to it.
  4. S9j on the original boards fastened with screws.
  5. The bars for «Jake» located inside the back of the cooler.
  6. Look online, looks like a box and Assembly «jakey», and make sure that you are buying asik corresponds to the images

Video analysis with «periclean»: a comparison of fake «jakey» with the original


The photo of the original Board Antminer S9j

The experiment involved:

B/S9j 14,5 TH/s Keygen: DGKG37BAHJDJA1782 Version 4.21 v Board, from 12.2017 The test showed that it is switching. In fact it is S9i 13,5 TH/s
B/S9j 14,5 TH/s Keygen: NGSB43RAIJBAC1620 Version v Board of 4.26 from 01.2019 Real S9j
B/S9i 14,5 TH/s Keygen: SZCC37BAHJFJB1505 Board revision 3.7 v, from 01.2017 Switching: in fact it is S9i 13,5 TH/s
New S9i 14,5 TH/s Keygen: NGSB43RAIJBAC5850 Version v Board of 4.25 from 07.2018 Real S9i

The plans of Vladimir Kochenov to conduct another investigation, in which he will reveal all to the point where selling «perikli». If you have purchased this device and suffered from fraud, please write to Vladimir Kochenov to file a class action lawsuit against unscrupulous sellers.


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