Media: Selling tokens Gram on the exchange Liquid has nothing to do with Telegram

Contrary to the statements of the representatives of the trading platform Liquid, scheduled for July 10, selling tokens Gram has nothing to do with emitted the developer Telegram messenger. Cointelegraph writes about this with reference to the Telegram close to the source.

The source also said that he first heard about the company Gram Asia, belonging to which tokens will be put up for sale, and Telegram is not related to Liquid.

In separate comments one of the investors Telegram said that nobody has the right to sell the tokens before the official launch of the project according to the signed agreement.

Cointelegraph has reviewed this agreement and found that investors can sell the tokens after 18 months from the date of signing the agreement for the purchase after the launch of the TON. In addition, buyers must not enter into agreements to transfer ownership rights under the investment contract, which apparently is planned to be Liquid.

According to representatives of Liquid, selling tokens via their platform with the involvement of the Gram company Asia is part of their own plan Telegram.


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