The Internet giant Kakao decided on the launch date of the blockchain platform

The South Korean tech giant Kakao, the exact date of the launch of blockchain-platform Klaytn, which he did from March of last year. According to Cointelegraph, the site will start on 27 June.

Note that the testing platform, designed to work with decentralized applications, lasted for eight months. It was attended by ten domestic and foreign partners of the Corporation.

Recall the concept of a blockchain platform Klaytn was submitted in October 2018
year. It was reported that its network will operate by consensus of the nodes and the nodes-browsers. Operators will first be invited partners, which will create a private blockchain, and the objective of the second additional validation blocks.

For a developing blockchain platform Kakao has attracted a total of about $300 million to $90 million investment was completed in March 2019 via a private placement of coins. Participants in the investment round were the funds of IDG Capital, Translink Capital and Equity Partners Crescendo.

Then it became known that the company plans to add support for cryptocurrencies in KakaoTalk.


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