Hardwork of Bitcoin Cash entailed technical problems

Today, may 15, in the network of Bitcoin Cash took place as planned hardwork. However, according to researchers BitMEX, soon after updating, the network has faced technical problems.

First, as expected, the Bitcoin client ABC 0.18.2 recognized the incorrect circuit unit 582680.

Some time after hard forks was generated nine blocks with zero quantity transactions (except coinbase transactions used to pay miners).

Soon there appeared the information that the network of Bitcoin Cash is divided into two circuits.

«Hardwork occurred at block 582 679. However, since this unit is upgraded and non-upgraded nodes is divided into different chains. Bitcoin Cash currently unsafe for payments»

That Bitcoin Cash problems reported and the exchange Poloniex.

«BCH had problems with scheduled for today hardforum. In the end we deactivated input and output means BCHABC until further notice. BCH-the developers are working on it»

After some time, began to show blocks with a small number of transactions.

In BitMEX has speculated that the developers BCH could apply the patch to troubleshoot the problem.

Subsequently, the number of transactions in the blocks of the updated (longer) network began to grow.

The network, apparently, stabilized.

We will remind, during today’s hard forks of Bitcoin Cash planned introduction of signatures Snorre.


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