Hacked in January, the bitcoin exchange Cryptopia has launched a process of elimination

Victim of hackers and new Zealand cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia has stopped trading and has officially announced the beginning of a process of elimination.

«Despite attempts by management to reduce costs and return to profitability of business, in the interests of customers, employees and other involved persons was taken the decision on the appointment of liquidators», — stated on the main page of Cryptopia.

Liquidators David Rusko and Russell Moore will collect the available assets to meet the needs of all stakeholders. In conjunction with independent experts and authorities, they will also define the obligations of the exchange.

«At the time of the liquidation and investigation, trade on the platform was stopped. Given the associated complexity, we expect that the investigation likely will take several months», — says the exchange.

Recall, the damage from a hacker attack on Cryptopia, according to some, could be worth $16 million, and the exchange said that in the worst case scenario, she lost a maximum of 10% of all their funds.

The management platform announced its intention to return the funds to the affected users, and even entered on the users account tokens, fixing the amount owed them payments.

In March, the site has resumed trading, and in April transferred half of 457 in listing of cryptocurrency wallets with new private keys.


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