Market capitalization of crypto-currencies has broken a new record

According to Coinmarketcap, today, August 7, the total market capitalization of crypto-currencies has reached more than $117,9 billion market Is a new record beating the previous one — $116,9 billion (on 12 June 2017).

Jump by nearly a third occurred after the introduction of Bitcoin Cash. On July 31 capitalization was about $90 billion compared to the last maximum drop July 16 ($60 billion) total market capitalization has grown by almost 80%.

Today, more than 47% of the market of cryptocurrency is bitcoin ($55,8 billion), the price of which did not stop at yesterday’s record level of $3170 and continues to grow. According to 17:00 (Kyiv/Moscow), bitcoin is trading at a price of $3383.

Following the bitcoin capitalization go Ethereum ($25,520 billion, with selling price of $272) and Ripple ($6,911 billion, with the sale at a price of $0.18).

Bitcoin is Cash, which is the day after separation from bitcoin occupied the third position in terms of capitalization, down from third to fourth place ($4.49 billion, with the sale price of $272,44).


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