ICO Filecoin was the most successful in 2017

ICO project Filecoin ended on 7 September with a record figure of $257 million was the most successful since the beginning of the year. According to the Tokener, the project rightly tops the top 10 most successful ICO in 2017, its main difference from competitors was that in the initial placement of tokens could participate only verified members of the community: banks, investment firms and wealthy individuals.

Second place went to the infamous Swiss blockchain startup Tezos. The project was completed ICO in July, when it raised $230 million In October, the ICO project was the subject of an investigation by the investors, the team began feuds. And in early November against Tezos was filed a class action in which the company is accused of violating the law on securities and the introduction of investors in error.

Third place in the top 10 took the EOS project, which managed to raise $185 million: he created a new blockchain architecture for vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications.

In fourth place is project Paragon, which attracted $183 million of investments during the ICO. Paragon was created as a blockchain for legal production and use of marijuana. The developed platform will provide a secure and transparent accounting for registries of physicians, IDs, marijuana and prescriptions. It can also be used to register data related to the time of harvest, origin, etc.

Fifth place was given to Israeli startup Bancor developing application which is designed to simplify the sale and exchange of cryptocurrencies. In June 2017 ICO Bancor in a few hours raised $153 million of investments.

The amount of funds collected by other members of the top 10 is $352 million This includes projects such as: King Kik with $97 million, Status, attracted $90 million, TenX with $64 million, MobileGo with $53 million and CyberNetwork with $48 million.

In the analyst used data from the results of the ICO projects and, given the exchange rate of bitcoin at the end of sentences.


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