Former release Manager Parity is expected to work on a fork of Ethereum

Ex-release-Manager Parity Technologies Africa Choedon supposedly working on a new blockchain project Dothereum. The latter is positioning itself as a competitor to Ethereum, but it is based on technology Polkadot.

«Thus, Africa has already launched a «competitor» Ethereum?», — written by the founder EthHub Eric Conner, referring to the appropriate branch of the discussion in the Reddit as the context.

As reported Blockonomi, Dothereum is an independent project that has not yet gained official support from the Web3 Foundation or Parity Tech.

Polkadot Protocol is intended to increase the compatibility of the various blockchains, for example, bitcoin and Ethereum. Blockchain Polkadot uses consensus through Proof-of-Stake, which provided internal tokens DOT. The owners of the DOT can act as validators and participate in the mechanism of consensus.

In addition, tokens DOT through rates give their owners the right to vote in matters of adding, deleting, or modifying existing Parajanov, as well as the right to vote in managing the development and modifications of the Protocol.

We will remind, in February in the Ethereum community conflict broke out because of the design of Polkadot. So, the African Choedon stated that the project actually offers Polkadot what Serenity (or Ethereum 2.0). A storm of criticism forced Sedona to suspend activity on some social platforms. Soon he said about leaving the Ethereum community.


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