Can BitMEX to launch bitcoin options

The crypto currency exchange BitMEX is considering launching tied to bitcoin options and bonds, said the head of the trading platforms Arthur Hayes in conversation with the analyst and trader Luke Martin.

In particular, Hayes said:

«We hope that maybe in 12-18 months we will have optional platform. Our employees work with University professors on finding a new complex method of implementing this tool.»

Options help investors hedge their positions on their underlying asset. They allow you to purchase an agreed amount of cryptocurrencies at a certain price in the future.

Hayes also said:

«I would like to create this in the future, in which exchanges the highest level and the miners will be able to provide the ecosystem short-term bonds in bitcoins. Let’s say you want to buy some 30-day credit paper. In this case, you get a 30-day zero coupon bonds on BitMEX, and it brings you a certain percentage, reflecting the market assessment of credit risk».

He added that in the coming months plans to focus on defining the characteristics of the upcoming launch of the tool.

Chapter BitMEX also said that his company is not going to issue its own cryptocurrency:

«It’s a difficult legal position. Valuable paper? And so we have to solve a lot of questions. We don’t want to add another, a number of problems due to issue our own token in the pursuit of money».


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