Trend Micro: the year the threat of covert mining grew by 956%

With the first half of 2017, the threat of covert mining grew by 956%. This is according to the report, Trend Micro Incorporated for the first half of 2018.

For the period from January to July, the number of unauthorized mining on the capacity of users compared to the 2017 year increased by 96%.

«This indicates that cyber criminals are moving away from quick earnings by using ransomware in favor of a slower covert mining of cryptocurrencies,» – said in the report.

The report’s authors note that these changes reflect trends observed during the last years, cybercriminals are constantly changing their tools, tactics and procedures with the aim of increasing prevalence of malware.

The researchers also found a significant number of new families BY for covert mining. This suggests that perpetrators remain highly interested in making profits from the digital currency.

The report noted that the network, the infected miners, deteriorating performance, increasing energy consumption, and faster hardware becomes unusable. In a corporate environment, these problems are even more pronounced.

The Trend Micro experts advise system administrators to closely monitor unusual network activity, taking into account the impact ON mining may have on the system.

Despite active dissemination of miners, the study authors suggest not to forget about viruses, ransomware, which, although made up of plateau state, but still are a threat for companies.

Recall that according to Group-IB for the year sales for covert mining on the shadow areas has increased 5 times.


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