The representative of the «SKOLKOVO»: $300 million from the Russian ICO to hit «zero»

Russia has not received any financial gain from $300 million in the last two years have brought Russian start-UPS as a result of the initial placement of coins (ICO). About this at the meeting of the expert Council on the blockchain of the state Duma Committee said the Director of the center of financial technologies “SKOLKOVO” Foundation Pavel Novikov, reports RNS.

“At the moment, the $3.5 billion already raised through the ICO in the world. Russian teams have attracted about $300 million But in the Russia of the money came conventionally “zero”, — he said.

Novikov said that a large part of the funds raised via the ICO, comes to Switzerland. Developers prefer to register in this country because of the more favorable regulatory and tax environment, he explained.

SKOLKOVO has created a centre for the development of blockchain technology — a kind of experimental sandbox, said Novikov. According to him, a year ago in the Fund’s portfolio was not a single company that would deal with blockchain technology, or were planning to to ICO. This year such projects have 10 — five of the FINTECH sector, three from medical, one in telecommunications and the Internet of things, Novikov stressed.

“We support them and provide insurance. Sorry, we can’t recommend to stay in Russia, but I would like”, — stated the representative of the “SKOLKOVO”.

Earlier, the Russian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain (RAKIB) estimated the losses of Russia only this year from a lack of legislation by the ICO in 18 billion rubles.

Recall that Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to make amendments in the legislation governing the ICO to 1 July of the following year.


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