HitBTC has introduced a fee for depositing bitcoins


Cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC has notified users about the new collection. As of December 22, for the introduction of bitcoins on the platform will be charged a flat fee of $ 0.0003 BTC. The company warns that if the amount is less than or equal to 0.0003 BTC, it is all will go to the Commission and will not be reimbursed. The fee will be deducted from each member on HitBTC transaction.

HitBTC explained the new measure difficult at times for the Bitcoin network, especially in recent weeks due to soaring number of requests: «This leads to a large number of transactions waiting in manule, increased processing time and unprecedented levies». The company emphasized that the innovation will make the network more stable, will allow «to maintain the liquidity and security of bitcoin on HitBTC at a level worthy of traders of the platform.»

Trying to cope with high charges in the network, such a step can go many exchanges as among the alternatives is to restrict the registration of new users or encourage existing ones to switch to litecoin and bitcoin cache.

Bitpay recently explained that the high fees of Bitcoin make payments less than $100 unfavorable, and even raised the amount of the minimum payment from $5 to $100, but two days later returned to the threshold of $5, while giving recommendations to transfer larger amounts.

Reports of problems with the registration appeared last week from users of Bitfinex. And if the first exchange has introduced a box for «access code», which never appeared, then later on the registration page there are only a notification from the team, where she thanks «for your interest in opening an account on Bitfinex», but reports on the temporary suspension of new user registration.


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