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Market ICO marketing is changing is that we are not weekly: there are new ways of attracting investors, and some courts, on the contrary, cease to bring in the desired traffic. How to circumvent difficulties arising in the practical implementation of marketing strategy, tells in his column Mufassir Hossein — investor, marketer and ICO-adviser, one of the top world experts in marketing and PR ICO version ICObench.

ICO-marketing… Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? According to the analysis, recently organized at 30-40 ICO a day. How to survive and not get lost in the crowd? It’s a great question. That’s why I decided to start a column with the basic concepts ICO-marketing, as one of the most important components of the process ICO.

Why 90% of ICO do not achieve their collection targets and do not get the desired coverage? Think about it: 90% of projects fail, despite having the best technology and clear vision for the future of the product.

Of course, many startups fail to cope with the ICO due to the lack of budgets. Some like the budgets are, but it is not clear how to spend it: the result is a significant amount of merge activity that do not work and do not bring effect. I will try to keep you from these mistakes and help you to safely and effectively carry out marketing ICO.

Let’s start with the paid and free market opportunities. Imagine that you implement a marketing strategy without a penny and all for free. Where to start?

 Create project accounts in all social networks (Facebook, Steemit, Quora, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on) and start to generate good content.

 Run the bounty program and airdrop.

 Turn the bounty into different languages.

 Create a chat room in the Telegram for communication with the community from different countries (don’t forget China, Korea and other countries in South Asia).

 Add ICO to the listing sites and calendars, many of them provide a free publication.

 Try to create unique content and share it with members of the bounty for distribution.

 Share project news in the crypto groups on LinkedIn and Facebook (content and title must be unique, otherwise the post will not pass moderation).

 Try to negotiate with influential people from the industry to give a review to your project (this can be a review on YouTube or an article in a personal blog that can then be also spread).

Having completed all these steps, you will receive some coverage, which can already bring the first investment. Use them to implement pay activities stipulated in the marketing plan. Paid marketing plays a major role in the promotion of any ICO: it can either create around a project of unprecedented hype, or wrap everything so that you will join the ranks of losers.

Don’t forget that it is extremely important to reach out to private investors. What might attract them, depends on the list of important factors:

 The presence of the business plan and presentation (95% of the ICO do not have a clear business strategy and largely for this reason, they fail to raise the necessary funds);

 Road map for the implementation of the project;

 The structure of the token;

 Marketing analysis (and plans for the promotion of your ICO or blockchain startup);

 Simple and nice white paper (with financial, marketing, and prospective analysis);

 Onepager, representing all necessary information on one page.

 Good explainer videos that will attract investors;

 Analysis of ROI.

If you have all of the above is available, can apply in the venture capital and hedge funds. The same success criteria applicable to the promotion of pre-ICO.

My main advice for today: when starting to implement the ICO, make sure that you have collected all the documents, performed the necessary analysis and drawn up a clear plan of action.

In the next columns we will begin to delve into the specific processes that ICO-marketing. I will talk about interesting cases from practice, to share and lifehacks will help you to build a sound and working strategy.

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