Separated from Litecoin Litecoin Cash

The evening of February 18th on the block 1371111 the picture was taken the Litecoin on the Litecoin fork Cash (LCC). The team behind fork promised users within 24 hours of submitting the release of the new wallet for the cryptocurrency. Each holder of Litecoin will be credited with 10 tokens Litecoin Cash.

Reportedly, for mining Litecoin Cash will apply algorithm Proof-of-Work, and the security of the network will provide the SHA256 algorithm. In addition, it is expected that the creation of new blocks on the network LCC will need to 2.5 minutes.

Recall that although some experts see Litecoin Cash opportunity for more efficient mining, Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee (Charlie Lee) called the fork of a Scam. The price of Litecoin at the moment, according to CoinMarketCap, is $223,08 for the token.


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